Annual income goal in constant (i.e., inflation-adjusted) dollars
Years to save
Duration (for how many years do you need income?)
Initial investment
Assumed annual investment return*
Inflation rate
Average annual contribution increase, if any
  You need to invest or save    
  ...once a month:    
  ...or once a year:    
  ...or more as an initial investment:    
  All calculations assume beginning of the month investment. The result shown does not reflect returns from an actual investment.    
* If not held in a tax-deferred plan, use after-tax rate of return.

The information derived from this tool is for illustrative purposes only and must not be regarded as a promise, projection or estimate of actual investment performance. Results are based on your inputs and certain hypothetical assumptions may have been made based on information you provided. The purpose of the tool is not to predict future returns, but to be used as an educational tool. You should not rely on this tool as the sole source of making any financial decisions. Contact your tax advisor regarding the tax impact of any decision regarding potential savings strategies. You may also contact TIAA at 800 842-2252.

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